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Premier Combi

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Premier Combi Features British built combined petrol & diesel emission analyser with integrated oil temperature and unique RPM measurement technology. Every MOT test is stored to memory for instant retrieval and automatic print out of customer reminder letters.Wi-Fi enabled PC with flexibility to run own programmes, CD Rom, 19 inch colour monitor, keyboard mouse and printer.Fast nationwide on-site support by dedicated UKAS accredited engineers.

Product Description

Petrol emissions analyser

-Fast test routines for increased productivity
-RPM and temperature via PD-COM multi RPM module, reads engine speed and temperature from EOBD diagnostic socket on all EOBD compliant cars.
-PD-COM provides additional flexibility of conventional RPM and oil dipstick probe for measurements on older model cars.
-Future proof technology, PD-COM hardware is designed for upgrade to read fault codes from EOBD compliant vehicles, ensuring your new Premier combi emissions analyser is ready for future MOT developments.

DS2m Diesel emissions analyser

-Wireless diesel smoke head, no more cables to break or trip over
-Remote operation of up to 100m of combi workstation
-Docking station ensures DS2 smokehead is always ready to use
-Operates down to -15C in all-weather conditions
-Fast pass, simple to use, speed up your smoke testing times
-Automatic calibration with every test, no more filters to loose or break
-Approved for Class 4, 7, HGV, PSV, RPC & SVA


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