Special Offers

ELITE Combi Features

- Petrol and diesel vehicle testing

- Fast test routines for increased productivity

- Unique RPM Measurement device speeds connection to the vehicle

- BMTM compatible Pc platform for fast processing of information

- Every MOT test is stored to the hard drive for instant retrieval

- High Quality filtration to ensure reliability

- Fitted with the AndrosTM Sample Bench which is world renowned for accuracy and reliability

- Flexibility to run your own programmes

- Rugged design


DS2 Smokehead Features

- Fast pass

- Simple to use speed up your smoke testing times

- Remote operation, up to 100m frombase station

- Operates down to -15oC in all weather conditions

- Automatic Calibration with every test.

- No more filters to loose or break

- DS2 Smokehead weighs only 5kg

- Never touch a plug lead or struggle with engine covers again

- Using our advanced RPM measurement technology

- Rugged design

Lupson Electronics ABS/EBS/TESTER


Simple procedure to use , just plug into the sensor press the on switch wait for sensor ok to light , then spin the wheel .

This tests the air gap and for exciter ring teeth missing and also for wheel wobble.

The most comprehensive but simple to use tester on the market. The handheld unit tests for the most six common EBS and ABS faults:


- Correct Ohms resistance

- Open circuit

- Short circuit

- Pole ring tooth damage

- Pole ring misalignment

- Sensor gap measurement

The results of the above tests can be read within 15 seconds and there is no need to even take the wheel of the vehicle.